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Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay: Learn to Make the Right Structure

The essay aims to develop such skills as independent creative thinking and written expression of one’s thoughts. But how to write an essay? How many paragraphs should an essay have? Such a question arises quite often among schoolchildren and students because teachers often offer to write essays on any topic and for various purposes.

An essay is a prose statement of a small volume and a free composition that expresses individual impressions and thoughts on a specific subject or question and does not consciously pretend to be an exhaustive answer.

Remember! Choosing the genre of the essay, you can allow yourself to be subjective, focus on the partial, not on the main, express controversial opinions, citing a minimum of evidence, but, on the other hand, this can be dangerous in that they are too unstructured thoughts in the text.

But it is not at all a fact that your work will be original and interesting. Since this type has become very popular, we have prepared useful tips for making such an essay successful.

How to Structure an Essay? What Does An Essay Consist Of?

Essay writing is extremely useful because it allows the writer to learn how to clearly and competently formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic concepts, highlight cause and effect relationships, illustrate experiences with relevant examples, and argue their conclusions.

In what style to write an essay? An essay is a text that is at the intersection of two genres: artistic and journalistic. So, the essay should combine artistry and brevity. Although an essay is a creative work, it has a clear structure common to all texts.

The teacher certainly pays attention to the presence of relevance, hypothesis, theses, etc., located in a certain order. The essay structure involves putting forward a certain thesis at the beginning and then proving it with arguments in the form of logical statements, quotations or a statement of relevant facts.

The text consists of such essay parts:


Developing a title that will encourage people to read your essay is important. Many interesting topics are worth paying attention to. After writing a good essay title, it is important to approach writing all other parts of the essay.


The introduction is one of the most important essay parts. Here it is necessary to justify the importance of consideration of the issues chosen by the student to put forward the main hypothesis. And the independently formed idea, as a rule, must be confirmed. If the essay is short, you do not need to write the word “introduction.”

Main part

If you still have a hard time understanding how to write an essay main part, pay attention to this information. It is not difficult to write the structure of an essay on your own if it is small. Theses and arguments are written in a new paragraph. The essay structure of the main part resembles a chain of rings. First, a thesis is put forward, then several arguments for it are written. Finally, the idea is proven, so let’s move on to the next.

Arguments are facts, phenomena of social life, events, life situations and experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinion of scientists, etc. It is better to provide two arguments in favor of each thesis: one argument seems unconvincing, and three arguments can overload a text written in a genre focused on brevity and imagery.

The author independently decides how many theses he needs to prove. A large number overloads the research, and a smaller number looks frivolous for scientific work. These are substantiated:

● Personal experience, stories from other people’s lives, loved ones, and the biographies of celebrities.
● Phenomena that everyone can observe.
● Facts are transmitted without distortion or manipulation.
● Quotations from famous scientists, politicians, writers, and creative people.
● Historical events, supplemented by an analysis of their essence, causes, and consequences.
● Excerpts from current or outdated laws.

Therefore, building the essay structure in the correct logical order is important.


The rules of how to write the structure of an essay speak of the need for a summary, where the last paragraph is devoted to that. In this way, we proved the previously expressed assumption. It is permissible to present a conclusion on a separate page if it is a large text.

List of Sources

Sometimes the essay contains links to quotations from books and data from official resources. They must be issued as a complete list of used literature. All borrowings or citations must be referenced.

Sources are presented as they appear or in alphabetical order. When using the alphabetical order, the laws come first, then the works of domestic authors, placed by the first letters of the surnames or titles, after – the works of foreign scientists, then – Internet resources.

The basic essay structure does not include applications. However, there is no strict ban on their presence. Materials are presented here that help better understand the evidence’s essence.

Eight Rules for Writing a Creative Essay

How do you advise writing an essay? Creatively! What is behind this word? Most likely, flight of thought, originality, etc. It’s simple: the main thing is to learn the eight rules.

1. Only positive language.
2. Linking words (they help to move from one part to another smoothly).
3. Different structures of sentences. Reading well-structured sentences is boring. Add some inversions. Write sentences of different lengths.)
4. Comprehensible words. Understand the meaning of the words you use in your essay. You write to impress with content, not vocabulary. Refinement is good but in moderation.
5. Different words and synonyms.
6. Conciseness.
7. Every word is important.
8. Active life position.

Even with a clear structure, an essay can be written in an interesting and informative way, but it takes practice.

Where to Find Material for Essay Writing?

Before starting to write an essay, you should collect all the material on the topic. The fastest type of search is hanging on the Internet. Of course, articles written and rewritten a hundred times are not the best source. However, with a little effort, you can find useful tutorials, research, and articles online about your topic of interest.

Also, don’t neglect libraries because real treasures are hidden there. Some library publications, which may not be on the Internet, will help to argue the point. And, of course, look for material in your head. Remember everything you know: historical events, biographies of famous figures, quotes, etc.


What should be the scope of the essay?

See the recommendations for your assignment. The essay has no recommended length.

How to Write an Essay Introduction Effective?

The introduction is a very important element of the work. The reader decides for himself whether he should read your essay. There are several approaches to starting an essay.

1. Standard (the most common). Six questions must be answered: who, what, when, where, why and how.
2. Unexpected: It can be anything, but the reader should be surprised or shocked.
3. Active: the image of the process itself and the causes and consequences that will follow. This approach is convenient for short essays.
4. Authoritarian: offers information in a commanding tone to create the impression that the author is confident only in himself.
5. Informative: the reader immediately receives information about what will happen next in work.
6. Quotable: a well-chosen quote immediately attracts the reader’s attention (it is not recommended to use proverbs and clichés – it is banal).
7. Dialogical: on the one hand, such a beginning stimulates the reader as a participant in the dialogue; on the other hand, it can simply be a flow of thoughts with rhetorical questions.

A good essay opening will be the key to the success of your essay for any purpose. It is also important to consider the following points when writing an essay. The introduction and conclusion should focus on the problem (in the introduction it is posed, and in the conclusion, the author’s opinion is already summarized). It is also necessary to distinguish paragraphs, and red lines, and establish a logical connection between sections (this is how the integrity of the work is achieved)

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