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How to Conclude an Essay

Students worldwide know that essay writing is a crucial part of the studying process. It helps develop a set of skills and intellectual capacities. The ability to write essays properly contributes to successful studying and future careers.

There are different essay types, including analytical, narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, argumentative, definition, classification essays, and more. They all have one thing in common. It’s well known that an essay consists of three basic elements: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

The proper conclusion of your ideas in the essay is the key to success. It should be clear and informative, summarizing your ideas and arguments. Let’s find the secrets of how to conclude an essay in the best way to show your understanding of the topic and knowledge of writing rules.

Importance of Essay Conclusion

Every essay writer should understand the importance of properly concluding essays. The final paragraph of your essay summarizes the flow of your work and arguments. So it’s proof that you know the topic well. Make sure you summarize your work using persuasive words that reflect your viewpoint.

The essay conclusion is crucial as it leaves a permanent impression on readers. It helps organize and sum up your thoughts. At the end of your essay, readers find answers to conflicting points you might argue in your work. Besides, the conclusion makes the paperwork scannable. Most readers focus on the introduction and conclusion in essays. Thus, people will definitely read this part of your work.

Essay Conclusion Elements

You know that an essay structure has three main elements, and what is interesting is that an essay conclusion also has three major parts. Firstly you restate the thesis, summarize the main points, and make a final comment. Let’s take a look at each of the three conclusion components to use them in the essay correctly.


Once you know how to start an essay with an introduction, in this part, a writer has to revisit the thesis statement. You do not have to repeat ideas using the same words. Paraphrase sentences keeping the keywords. It’s recommended to start the conclusion of your essay by revising and then expanding the rest of your conclusion. But you can always adapt the order to your essay needs.


A summary is the body of your conclusion where you connect the essay points and highlights from the body paragraphs. You should choose the most relevant points from the essay body and outline them briefly. Take keywords and rephrase ideas without copy-pasting sentences.


And the final part of the essay’s conclusion presents its relevance and significance. Here you should convince the reader of the rightness of your essay’s findings. You can pose questions like why arguments are important and their implications and then summarize your points persuasively.

Essay conclusion

Strategies for Conclusion

What you write in your conclusion depends on many factors like discipline, assignment, and the reader’s expectations. Here you will find possible strategies of how to write a conclusion in an essay way.

  • Cohere and consolidate previously mentioned points without repeating them word for word.
  • Link the last paragraph to the first, using the same keywords, ideas, and sentences with parallel structures.
  • Use simple language and mainly one-syllable words to clarify your point and shoehorn the idea of the whole essay into several sentences.
  • Propose a course of action, a solution to a problem, or an issue for further study.
  • Include some introduction elements to represent a full circle of the argument in your essay.
  • Make a reasonable claim that will make a final impression on the reader and encourage further investigation.
  • Pay the most attention to the final sentence that should be carefully constructed in terms of grammar, syntax, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Essay Conclusion Examples

Once you know the conclusion structure and strategies, it’s time to see examples of how you can strongly end an essay. There are different essay types, and they may require a special approach to summarizing ideas.

If you write an argumentative paper, you need to stand on the issue and convince the reader of the rightfulness of your arguments. The analytical essay requires a strong final paragraph that represents your critical thinking. And many other essay conclusion examples where you have to conclude the paper according to its purpose and readers’ expectations.

But what are the phrases to use in your final paragraph instead of “in conclusion” and “to summarize”? You may use “after all is said and done,” “considering all of the facts,” “now that we’ve reached the end,” “upon analyzing the facts,” and more creative solutions to impress the audience.

How Not to Conclude an Essay

You will know how to end an essay in the best way if you adhere to the following tips:

  • Avoid retelling what was written in the paper and simply summarizing your essay. It’ll work if your essay is long but, in other cases, restate the main ideas.
  • The main rule in writing essays is not to present new ideas in conclusion. The final paragraph of your work is for writing the last word on the subject, synthesizing your thoughts, demonstrating the importance of your ideas, and making a good final impression.
  • Do not use phrases like “in conclusion,” “in summary,” “to sum up,” “to conclude,” etc. They work in oral speech, but in essays, these phrases are overused and look banal.
  • Do not make emotional appeals because they are irrelevant to your paper. The essay, as an academic work, should not contain any slang, colloquialisms, proverbs, etc.
  • Do not apologize and doubt your work by saying, “this only one viewpoint,” “there may be better approaches,” and more phrases that undermine and undervalue your effort.
  • Avoid including evidence like quotations or statistics in the conclusion. They should be in the body of the essay as it’s new important information for the reader.

FAQ for Essay Conclusion:

What is the final part?

Each essay has its particular structure standards. As usual, it comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. All three parts are equally crucial for the overall image of the paper since if you lack one, you lack the sense of the whole piece.

The conclusion is a final essay passage summarizing all the statements made in the text. It’s a logical endpoint in the paper. A relevant conclusion boosts the professionalism of your essay and increases your chances of getting a high grade for the assignment.

How to conclude an essay?

The name of this paper part reflects its main logic. You should conclude all the issues and solutions raised or all the matters and arguments found. The conclusion directly depends on the essay type. It may differ for narrative and argumentative, for example.

Your main basis is your thoughts on the particular subject you write about. The conclusion should reflect the main message you are eager to convey in an essay. Specific attention to your statement in the final part is crucial.

How to start a conclusion in an essay?

There are no strict requirements for concluding an essay. You can freely choose the first and the following sentences in conclusion. The only criterion is coherence. It implies that the essay conclusion should look harmoniously compared to the introduction and main statements in the body.

To achieve total coherence and boost the grade of your essay, it’s a sensible idea to rewrite your thesis, making it a complete thought in the form of an affirmative sentence. In such a way, your essay will have a balance between the wordings of your main message in different parts of the paper.

How to make a concise conclusion?

An essay conclusion is the smallest part in proportion to other paper passages. A concise conclusion implies writing a few sentences reflecting an essay’s main idea. It suffices to paraphrase the introduction by providing evidence or arguments researched in the body.

A conclusion, as usual, has 3-7 thoughts (depending on their volume and semantic load) and one final sentence that summarizes everything written and frames a whole essay. If you trace this logic, writing will seem a pleasure, not a challenge!

What is a trick for concluding an essay?

Top writers with vast paper writing expertise believe that concluding essays is the easiest part of the paper performance. However, experts also say that most learners make the same mistake – don’t reread and proofread their essays before concluding.

To understand what to write in conclusion, you should understand what you wrote in the previous parts. Then, you can start with the thesis and proceed with arguments or other supporting statements depending on the essay type.

Where to acquire assistance with handling a conclusion in essay writing?

Many learners wonder whether it’s possible to order help with a single essay part. However, handling a conclusion in essay writing is a common competent writer’s work. There’s nothing complicated about applying for assistance from experienced specialists and purchasing writing services in a few clicks.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to conclude an essay properly to get a high mark and a reputation as an intelligent student. We hope that these tips will help you learn essay writing basics and create unique works. We wish you successful studying and interesting essay topics to show your talent and express your worthy ideas.