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Frequently asked questions

Before you buy an essay online, check our FAQs

Please explain how your essay service works in detail.

By only completing the form on the Order page of the website, one may buy an essay online from EssayWriters.ca. The more details you can offer us, even if we just require the very minimum, the better. We'll assign a writer to you as soon as we can. Your paper will be delivered to you long before the due date, so feel free to carefully review it and request any necessary adjustments.

How can I be sure my essay writer is competent?

Only an expert writer who has successfully completed a stringent application process, including interviews, test questions, and work experience verification, is permitted to work at our service. No matter how difficult your project is, you can be certain that only experts with considerable experience will assist you in writing a paper if you buy essays from us. Before joining our team, each of our professionals is tested using a variety of papers. This guarantees that everyone who works for us can offer prompt, effective assistance in whatever form.

Do you provide plagiarism reports?

Because we take our reputation very seriously, we only select applicants who can consistently deliver excellent service. If you send us some examples of previous papers, we'll even produce the paper in your writing style. You may ask for an anti-plagiarism report to be sent together with the finished order if you wish to check the originality. Nothing to pay for it. This is a great advantage of buying essays on our platform.

Which formatting options are available?

Incorrect formatting might make your work appear poor. Consistency in format may make the difference between receiving an excellent score and a bad one. We use several formatting styles, such as APA, MLA, CMS, Chicago, and Turabian. You may pick a writer who suits your demands about formatting by getting in touch with our customer service and explaining what you need. They will help you find a professional who can organize your paper according to your specifications.

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Students come to us for a variety of reasons. There are 1001 possible reasons why you could buy an online essay, and in each of these scenarios, we are prepared to offer professional writing on any subject. But regardless of the situation, we work to offer them the finest service we can, using certified specialists, an accomplished QA team, and highly professional customer support.

Some of our clients have fallen behind on some of their homework as a result of taking full-time jobs in order to pay for their higher education. Others could struggle with their health, have obligations to their families, or just lack confidence in their potential to produce papers of the quality required by their institution. Customers who don’t speak English as their first language struggle to write correctly and properly. Last but not least, there are students who are having trouble with multiple assignments that have due dates that are close to each other.

Nobody ever claimed that succeeding academically would be simple, but it’s still a nice thing to know that there are services that can prepare papers for you if you truly need them. Reach out to a member of our team and see that you are in good hands!